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Maurillio is truly gifted and has such an incredible and unique way of working. I have explored many different healing modalities with various practitioners but sessions with Maurillio are unparalleled. His techniques are extremely effective and in one session Maurillio can completely transform your life. Nothing has made me more certain of how possible it is to change our wiring and that the potential for transformation is limitless. I have had many sessions with Maurillio and he not only helps you re-pattern your brain but with the goal to empower you to do it yourself. I am truly grateful to have found Maurillio and highly recommend him.



I have had several sessions with Maurilio Marendo. He introduced me to his methods. I haven’t done anything like that before. Reading books on the topic was not the same. Written texts satisfy curiosity. It hardly goes any further. But to be subjected to the effective methods is a completely different thing. What helped me especislly was… Maurilio – “the master” – helped me to separate my specific psychological problem from the rest of my personality and from other people in my life that were “guilty” in my inner problems. When I understood  that  one overwhelming problem I had been troubled by for many-many years was just a claster of thoughts that found the nest  in my mind and took on the controlling functions … Then things started to change. It was a result of several different attempts. While the picture was probably quite clear to my “master” from the very beginning…  I myself was trying to find my way in the  darkness of my psychological mess with the help of those special techniques. And the answer came! Clear obvious undestandible.  What a relieve! That person who was considered by myself to be the root of my suffering swiftly mooved out of the picture of my inner turmoil as in reality it was just another human being living it’s own life not guilty of any harmful influence on me. But the real  cause of my troubles became visible in the daylight as just a pityful mistake. A psychological mistake of my own creation. Along came an understanding of the reasons for this mistake. And why I clang to it.  And it all helped to dissolve the issue. 
Maurilio’s method worked! 
L. B.


The sessions with Maurillio were incredibly powerful. It made me realise that the mind is more similar to a computer than I had realised and that with the right intention it is possible to re-programme the subconscious mind. Since the sessions I have felt more confident and a sort of return to my former self before I took on certain negative beliefs! 

H. S.


Maurilio, I know him for many years but still after years it’s always remarkable to spend time with him.
His energy, his humour, and his ability to bring out the universe that each of us has inside is unique.
Maurilio during the NLP sessions gave me the tools to live better every day, being able to see all the opportunities that life makes available to me.
How to define Maurilio’s work: “He helps people to be freedom“.
Thank you.

I. M.

NLP student at Easy NLP London