Maurilio Marengo, MSc, is an international NLP master practitioner and trainer, based in London.

He is the founder of “EASY NLP London”, training institute listed in the list of institutes of the “Society of NLP” of R.Bandler.

The “Society of NLP“ is the international body founded in 1978 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP creators, to pursue rigorous quality control over programs, services and training materials that claim to represent the Model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Easy NLP London is based on the following values:

Beauty of language and its structure. The astonishing complexity of the structure of communication, that we understand naturally and master to build communities and cultures.

Our ability as human beings to detect patterns and, intuitively, to create new ways to communicate.

NLP is a model of human functioning founded on the belief that every human being can take full creative control of his/her subjective inner experience in term of  thoughts and feelings and create at will new meanings and understanding of life.

Expanding our awareness about how we communicate means to connect deeper to our self and to each other.
Rediscovering and recreating our purpose in life at the personal and community level, in a world that is changing very fast.

Without communication, there is no community. The concept of community is based on sharing meanings and experiences, sharing a common reality aimed to build a common positive purpose.

The mission of EASY NLP London is to make available for everybody in London and in Europe, the Model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, aligned with the “Society of NLP” latest updates and development.