Our Services

A 1to1 session lasts over 2 hours and most of the clients notice an important improvement from the first session.

  • Stop smoking/addictions
  • Overcoming phobias and fears
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Relaxation/stress management
  • Weight loss
  • Strategies for excellence


Call me before booking a session to discuss briefly your needs and what you want to achieve, specifically.

* General NLP session: £150
2 hours 1 to 1 session.
This session can be dedicated to a plethora of benefits as follows: stress
management, self-esteem and confidence, overcoming grief, overcoming anger, changing habits.

* Overcoming phobias and fears: £150
2 hours 1 to 1 session.

* Stop smoking: £360
2 sessions x2 hours each + 40 days assistance on the phone/Skype.

* Weight loss: £432
3 sessions x2 hours each + 40 days assistance on the phone/Skype.


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Cancellation Policy
Contact us with 24 hours’ notice if you have to cancel an appointment, otherwise a fee may be charged.

Maurillio is truly gifted and has such an incredible and unique way of working. I have explored many different healing modalities with various practitioners but sessions with Maurillio are unparalleled. His techniques are extremely effective and in one session Maurillio can completely transform your life. Nothing has made me more certain of how possible it is to change our wiring and that the potential for transformation is limitless. I have had many sessions with Maurillio and he not only helps you re-pattern your brain but with the goal to empower you to do it yourself. I am truly grateful to have found Maurillio and highly recommend him.



The sessions with Maurillio were incredibly powerful. It made me realise that the mind is more similar to a computer than I had realised and that with the right intention it is possible to re-programme the subconscious mind. Since the sessions I have felt more confident and a sort of return to my former self before I took on certain negative beliefs! 

H. S.